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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Short Sands Chai Beach Campout Giveaway!

Smoky. Sweet. Two words that aren’t usually together in a chai blend. But like the magic felt when camping at the coast around such places as Cape Lookout here in Oregon, where secret beach hideaways like Short Sands Beach (aka Smugglers Cove) are a short walk away, something special to be peacefully in the moment is called for.

Our newest caffeinated chai blend, Short Sands Chai, is smooth, with a smoky flavor from our pine smoked Lapsang Souchong black tea and our organic Roasted Yerba Máte. Like the joy of smores at a campout on the beach, our Short Sands Chai rounds out with a sweet vanilla flavor from the addition of our Vanilla Bean Rooibos and other sweet spices.

Beach Campout Giveaway!

Photo courtesy http://www.oregonstateparks.org
Post your favorite beach memory here on our blog or our Facebook page to enter to win a 4 1/2oz tin of Short Sands Chai & a $30 gift card good at any of the 50 beautiful Oregon State Parks.   

Campout at the beach on us!  Contest ends April 25th, 2011 at midnight and the winner will be announced & notified on April 30th,2011.


  1. Wind surfing in Kenya with my brother! When we came off of the beach we just sat there in the sand and laughed at ourselves for 20 minutes. IT was great!

  2. We have many favorite beach memories. One that comes to mind was back a few years ago in January when we decided to try something new and go rock hounding at a beach near Tillamook. We spent all afternoon combing the beach with 60 degree temps and some sunshine too. Who would have known it could be so nice in January! :) We also like to camp on the coast in yurts and bring some of your pumpkin spice chai with us everytime. It's so comforting to enjoy the luxury of tea while experiencing the beautiful outdoors. Thanks!

  3. Just recently I got to go to the beach with the love of my life and my golden retriever, who i'm raising to be a service animal. Before I give her back to the program I wanted to give her the memory of running to her hearts content up and down the shoreline. We ended up going to Oceanside the first day it was above 60 degrees, and even though it was cold and windswept, it was still one of the best days of my life ^_^.

  4. A beach is a magical place and my girlfriend invited me to go to Maui with her in late January to celebrate her birthday. On our last night, we sat on a blanket, sipped some wine and watched whales breaching as the sun slipped below the horizon. Hours later (we had no flashlights), a couple from Germany helped us find our way back to the parking area. It was a night I'll never forget.

    Boris & Natasha

  5. And the winner of our Short Sands Chai Beach Campout Giveaway is: Brandon King!! His favorite beach memory sure sounded like a rare & memorable experience: a snowball fight on the beach with his family! Congrats to Brandon & thanks to everyone for participating! 

  6. The Beach is super magical, and I wish I would had came across your beautiful blog a whole lot sooner, since I just love chai and the beach....... so it would had been a totally win win situation ,) all the best and namaste! You made my day Mrs Tea Angel ,) keep inspiring and projecting your awesomeness! U rOcK!