Tea Chai Te

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sen Cha Fukamushi: When Only a Deep Steam Will Do.

Amazing illustrations like the one of the mystical Asian mountain escape above can be found at AppWill, a great iPod wallpaper application.

 A new sencha I have been enjoying for a nice flavor and caffeine burst is our Sen Cha Fukamushi. This deep-steamed style of sencha was developed 35 years ago and is rarely seen outside of Japan.  The deep steaming of the tea leaves creates a vivid emerald green infusion that is strong and full bodied, without bitterness.  The terroir (or combination of soil, climate and environmental factors) of the Shizuoka tea region of Japan gives this sencha a sweet, rich marine taste.  Like walking in a rainy forest in Southern Japan, this tea is quickly become a new favorite for me. 

This tea can be found now both on our website & in our tea shop.